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Adeyemidaniel. hello it has been a while. i am back agsin , happy new year, wishing everyone success.


Fact of some favourable personal hygeine to stay healthy.

  • This is my own addition to some hygeinic post we may had learned or know about before. In this post I am sharing my own knowledge on personal hygeine to stay healthy. Personal hygeine is very necessary for our body, because our body releases and flushes toxins out of the body through sweat, urine, tears, ear wax faeces. E.t.c. When all these toxins are realeased without finding space/outlet to come out or wash away out of the body, it always result to body odour. To avoid body odour, it is advicery to always take bath, cut hairs in the private part when necessary,; our tress add values to our beauty, yes it add to the beauties in both male and female.. , therefore it is not sensible and fashionable to let the hair smell, as a lady regular shampo and conditioning the air is important, don’t let your wigs and weavons stay too long. And as a male / both young boys and adults it is compulsory to treat your hair, cut those ones that are convinient for you to cut and make your hairs clean regularly , private parts hair are importants to cut when they are full or gowned enough to cut. The way a person smell have something to do with the way people will wantto move close to you, so it is important to always smell clean, neat and sweet. , there are scale of preferance in the market for perfumes and body spray to make your body smell sweet and good. It is also adviceable to always keep the hand clean, wash your hand with soap and water whenever your hand is dirty,.., always cut your finger nails, or make it clean without allowing any dirtiness in your finger if the need be for you to grow a long finger nails,’;, polish them completely, and make sure you always remove / cut the finger nails before coating another. It is a good idea to go and see the dermatologist if you detect skin problems. Happy weekend to everybody.

The power of the mind.

Our mind is capable of breaking us and making us, our mind is so powerful to make dreams come true, and i t can creat untrue fact and make us believe in them. If you don’t learn to master your mind it will keep controlling you. This kind of controll is to your own detriment, for instance if you keep loooking at the mirror, and you are telling yourself you are not beau

tiful or good enough, by doing that you give your mind the power to change your reflection in the mirror and no matter how pretty you are, you will never see it because

you mind has twisted that reflection. Understand the power of mind an try to stop it from controlling you and your life. Sometimes everything that is holding us back is engraved in us, we have instlance where some people’s mindset has triggered them to do bad things, if you are a man or woman and you allow the society to tell you who you are or what you can be, and you allow that image to get stuck on you in your mind., you will never succeed because everything that is holding you is now withing you. So master your mind and learn to controll your mind, so you can succeed.

Things we must not do after eating.

Food is essential for your body, for a healthy life food is important,. So there are some things we must do after eating likewise there are things we must not do. After taking a good meal most of us always do somethings that we do not consider harmful for us. Let us take a look at some of them and make adjustment. (1).Do not smoke after eating. Smoking itself is bad so I can say smoking after taking your meal is ten times bad, smoking after meal cause damage to important organs such as brain , liver and the blood vessels. (2). Must not eat fruit. Fruit has to be eat in an hour time before eating, or two hours after eating, the meal you ate will not digest properly if you take fruit after eating your food, this may sound astonishing but it is true. (3).sleeping. It is not a good idea to sleep directly after eating, going to bed after eating cause improper digestion and other gastrointestinal problems.

Health is Wealth.

Health may be define as a state of physical wellbeing and balance, and to be free from pscycologocal diseases ,illness, malfunctions. Wealth is the possession of valuable materials, property and to be rich. Health has so many importance to do with wealth, when I mean health is wealth, for a poor man to become wealthy in life tha man must be an healthy person, so as to work and strugle to accumulate riches., without health it is imposible for man to do any activities. In this life ,. life is’nt interesting without a good health, be it for a poor person or a rich person. A wealthy man cannot enjoy this life without having a good health,. one can only find all the activities of this life interesting if a person is in a good health, be it entertainment, sport, music, jokes, eating dance e.t.c,. Without a good health everthing is impossible. Health is wealth without health , human being will be tired of life, health is wealth try to work towards a good health by trying to eat a balance diet, with a good health there is possibility to gain wealth. Health is wealth.

Why rich people get richer and poor get poorer.

This topic is a majour topic that is common in our society, it always be a debate among the people. As my own point of view, me_thinks rich people get richer because of the followings. 1. Most of rich people get richer because, the do not usually do what they are not capable of, rich people manage their money and resources to live their lives,. Poor people get poorer because the do not know how to manage their resources including their money, most poor people spend lavishly. 2.Rich people likes to invest with their money, they invest in profitable bussiness that brings them huge profit. While most poor people do not invest with their money., they only rely on their salary, wages,. and that is why most poor people get poorer while reach get richer. 3.Poor people always have debits before they collect their salary or wages, and after collecting their salary/wages they pay their debts, and it will remain little or no money for them. Most rich people do not usually debit so much, because they know too much debts will affect their income, profit, salary. rich people economically manage

their money and resources. Those are few reasons why rich get richer and poor get poorer. For poor people to also get rich they must emulate those rich getting richer attitude, by following those steps.

Fun that are necessary on weekend.


t is necessary for human being to always have some fun on weekend, weekend stroke sunday is and are day to rest and catch some meaningful and peacefully interesting fun. Weekend fun does not mean we cannot be productive on weekend days, there are many activities we can engage in, that can help us maximize our precious free time. 1. Catchup some interesting and useful news.; No matter how busy we are, it is important for us to always stay connectect to the world, by Watching documentaries and news are a way to achive that,’ because they are informative and they widen our mind and teaches us new knowledges, informative and for fun. 2.Read a book; Read a book, and you can always sheldule an interesting book during your weekend, whether fiction or non-fiction,’it will make the mind sharp and inprove vocabulary speaki

ng. You will alway be good as the book you read. 3.Go out with friends.; Going out with friends to chill have fun and a nice time, it can also be your friends house or your own’s house to eat together with your friend and catch some interesting funs , , where you can talk and laugh with no reservation. That are some ways in which one can catch fun on weekend days.

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